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4 Places to Eat Kosher in Midtown

The last thing you want to do while you're on vacation in Midtown is waste time searching for a quality Kosher meal. So we've searched out four diverse options for you. From pizza to tapas, we've found a Kosher meal to satisfy every appetite. Enjoy!

  • Bhojan. Here's a great vegetarian Indian restaurant that serves up dishes from Gujarat and Punjab- the north and west of India. Bhojan in Hindi translates to a simple, delicious and home-style meal that is hearty and satisfying. Try the thalis which offers a complete meal, from appetizers to dessert, all served on one platter. If you're looking for a smaller, lighter meal, then try Bhojan's Chaats. Located at: 102 Lexington Avenue NY, NY.
  • Bravo Pizza. Established in 1985, you'll find awesome deep dish pizzas, a range of pasta dishes and excellent calzones at Bravo Pizza. This Kosher pizza place has a steady flow of patrons, but the food is well worth any possible wait. Located at: 1367 Broadway Avenue NY, NY.
  • Ladino Tapas Grill. Warm and cold tapas served in a distinctive and decidedly romantic atmosphere. The salt cod fritters are one of Ladino's most popular warm tapas. If you're in the need of an entrée then give the roasted chicken or short ribs a try. Consider treating your taste buds to churros, yummy doughnut-like delicacies to top off the night. Happy Hour 4:00 p.m. - 6:00p.m. Located at: 940 8th Avenue NY, NY.
  • Schnitzel Express. Casual and affordable. You'll find lots of options, and delicious schnitzel. The most popular choices are Israeli and Spanish, served with "the works" (lettuce, tomato and pickle) and homemade dressings. Or give the Greek grilled chicken a try. Located at: 1410 Broadway NY, NY. Enter at 39th St., near Times Square and Broadway theaters.

Hotel Mela, an affordably priced boutique hotel, is perfectly situated in Midtown Manhattan- where Kosher meals are just steps away.