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4 Tips for Enjoying New Year's Eve in Times Square

Like baseball and apple pie, New Year's Eve in Times Square is an American tradition everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. This year it's your turn. Here are four tips to make sure your Times Square experience is everything you hoped it would be. 1. Eat, Drink, and Use the Bathroom! Don't complicate your Times Square experience; get a full belly and an empty bladder before you get in position for the Ball Drop. If you must, you can use the facilities at the Port Authority bus terminal. 2. Early Bird Gets the Best Views. If you want to land a premium view spot, you had better plan on arriving in the early afternoon. As you can imagine, you won't be able to return to "your spot" once you leave- so remember to come well prepared for what could be a long, chilly day. 3. Prep for the Magic Moment. If you've decided to stake your spot early in the day, you must be prepared. Here are a few tips: Bags and backpacks aren't allowed, so coats with pockets are a necessity; snacks will save you from losing your spot when your tummy rumbles; keep hydrated with water (no alcohol is allowed); and dress in layers. 4. Bring the Right Attitude. Trust us, people are packed tightly, and there's no doubt you'll meet someone who left their holiday spirit at home. It's just par for the course- after all, you're sharing Times Square with one million people on New Year's Eve. Be very careful if you bring young children to the heart of Times Square- it is not a child friendly atmosphere. A Times Square hotel, like Hotel Mela, makes an ideal place to stay for your New Year's revelry. Talk about being right in the middle of all the action! You're in for a New Year's you'll never forget.