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5 Tips for Attending a Broadway Show

Attending a Broadway show in Manhattan is an affair you won't regret. But if you haven't been to a Broadway show before, you may be a bit uncertain about what the experience is all about. Don't worry; we've put together a quick list of tips for experiencing a Broadway show like an experienced New Yorker. 1. Arrive a Bit Early. Arrive at least 30 minutes before show time, and don't let the long line intimidate you. Once the doors open, you'll find the line moves swiftly. 2. Listen to the Ticket-taker. You'll discover professional ticket-takers around every turn. Present your ticket and they will tell you which way to head- saving you time and frustration. 3. Wait for the Usher. Once you've arrived at your section, wait for the usher to seat you; that's what they are there for! If you choose to seat yourself, you'll not only miss out on part of the Broadway show experience, you might miss getting your Playbill. 4. Quiet Please. It should go without saying, but we'll remind you that you're watching a live performance and voices carry. Avoid the temptation to talk, and be sure you've completely turned off all personal devices such as cell phones. 5. Be Patient. Be patient and wait until the actors have finished their curtain call before you get up to leave. It's proper theater etiquette and it ensures you'll get the full flavor of this special experience. Savor the excitement of Broadway by staying at a boutique Midtown Manhattan motel like Hotel Mela. Hotel Mela offers a Broadway Package that includes deluxe room accommodations, 20 percent off dinner for two at Hotel Mela's Saju Restaurant, a CD of fav Broadway tunes and a late check-out. Hotel Mela makes it easy to experience an incredible Broadway weekend.