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6 Tips for Going Green in Manhattan

Green Hotel Whether you're looking for a Times Square Hotel for business or pleasure, we've tracked down five tips that will help you make Mother Nature smile. Tip 1. While in Your Hotelâ?¦ While you're staying in your hotel, turn off lights when you're not using them, don't run the AC or heat at full blast while you're out on the town, and save water and energy by reusing your towel. Tip 2. While Out and Aboutâ?¦ It's not always possible, but when you can, steer clear of plastic and Styrofoam containers (especially those that can't be recycled). Search out reusable solutions. And while you're dining, grab napkins as-needed instead of helping yourself to a big stack that goes unused. Tip 3. Stay Close, Live Largeâ?¦ Select a hotel that's in the hub of the attractions you plan to visit to cut down on the pollution associated with transportation. Hotel Mela is located in Midtown Manhattan, making it convenient to major attractions, like Broadway, Times Square and Fifth Avenue. Tip 4. "Think Local" Shop and dine locally because often, local establishments get their materials from nearby suppliers- which minimizes their carbon footprint. A small café that gets their produce from a local farmer is worth supporting and likely you'll be rewarded with more flavorful food to boot! Tip 5. Take Only What You Need When you're visiting Midtown Manhattan you'll be inundated with fliers, brochures and maps. Take one or two for your group instead of supplying each person with material that will never get read. Tip 6. Select Green Attractions Take time to support those businesses that observe Green practices over those that don't. And how about a foot tour of Central Park instead of a bus tour of Fifth Avenue? Remember, a Greener world starts with you!