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Beating The NYC Summer Heat

Beating the NYC Summer HeatWhile NYC is known for having nearly the best of everything from dining, shopping, and attractions of all types; the summer heat can be quite miserable. While Times Square can be fun and enjoyable, you do need to take a few things into consideration when visiting during the summer to make the best of the heat and avoid as much misery as possible. Take advantage of Central Park: While much of NYC is surrounded by buildings that reflect the light and heat of the summer sun, the park is quite pleasurably mild even in the harshest of summer heat. The trees offer a great deal of shade perfect for an afternoon and with plenty of cool grass to sit on, there is no shortage of space to enjoy a hot afternoon close to your Times Square hotel. Take advantage of street fare: You can easily find a hot dog or other vendor to get yourself a cold drink anywhere near Times Square or any other location in NYC. Keeping hydrated is important in the heat and a cold beverage on a hot afternoon feels better than at any other time. Accessorize for success: NYC residents are known for their ability to dress for any weather and while dressing for heat is a matter of common sense, the ability to choose good accessories is a must for the summer sun. The light and heat are reflected off of the glass and steel and you will see sunglasses on almost every New Yorker. A good pair will keep the glare of Times Square off your eyes and a great hat will keep the face from getting sunburned. Sunscreen is also very important as both tourists and residents alike spend a great deal of time walking from one location to another.