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Best App For Getting Around New York City

Best App For Navigating NYCGetting around New York City can be confusing if you are not familiar with the area. These days, your best bet is to find and download an application that you can use to navigate your way through the city.   MyCityWay is the best application you can use to navigate the streets of New York City. It is a free download that not only gives you directions to the places you want to go, it also suggests businesses in the area that you may want to visit, such as stores, restaurants and attractions. Some of the categories included in this application are nightlife, restaurants and bars. It even has an interesting feature that will tell you what color the lights illuminating the Empire State Building are at any given time.   This mobile application has been downloaded more than one million times, proving that it is easy to use and reliable as well. There is a version of this application for each major city in the United States. The one meant to navigate you through New York City even points out the locations of food carts throughout the streets of Manhattan. This application was created by three New York City residents that became tired of having to use multiple sources to get information on the various NYC attractions and businesses. The application pulls information from government resources, so you can be sure any address or phone number you retrieve through the app is the correct one for the location you are trying to find.   MyCityWay is available for the Blackberry Torch and on Android, iPhones and iPads. This popular mobile application has helped countless people easily navigate through the streets of New York City and has been backed by many tech companies as well as by BMW, Red Bull, Lacoste and Macy's.