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Best Italian Restaurants In Times Square

Best Italian Restaurants in Times SquareIf you love Italian food and you love Times Square you are in luck because there are many excellent and well-known Italian restaurants in Times Square. Almost always owned/managed by full-blooded Italians, these restaurants will inspire you to take a trip to Times Square as soon as you can.

In business in Times Square since 1992, Carmine's is an excellent Italian restaurant in the heart of the theatre district. This family owned and operated restaurant is legendary throughout the city for serving up some of the best Italian food you'll find outside of Italy. In order to spread the wealth (when it comes to their food that is) Carmine's offers a take-out/delivery menu and caters private parties.

Another exquisite Italian restaurant you will find in Times Square is Becco, which is open daily for lunch and/or dinner. They are well known for their pasta tasting menu, which draws both tourists and residents of NYC in droves to experience this delicious food for themselves. Becco puts its own personal twist on Caesar Salad, creating a unique and delicious dish that no Italian could turn down. William Gallagher, the Executive Chef of Becco, provides table side service to patrons of the restaurant. In order to offer the best service possible, Becco requires every patron dining with them to purchase at least $18 worth of food per visit.

The Trattoria Dopo Teatro is another well-known Italian restaurant in Times Square. Known as much for their stunning décor as their delicious food, this restaurant is often patronized by theatergoers due to the pre-theatre lunch and dinner menus.

A trip to Times Square isn't complete until you have dined at one of these fine Italian restaurants. Staying in a Times Square hotel is the perfect excuse for visiting these restaurants.