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Best Jazz Spots Near Times Square

Jazz Spots Near Times SquareNYC has always been known as a great place to showcase music talent from all corners of the globe as well as local talent. This is no exception for the jazz scene, which is among the most popular genres the city has to offer. There are even a good number of top-notch jazz clubs within short distance from Times Square if you know where to look. In fact, most of the top talents within the jazz scene play at these clubs. Here are a few of the top jazz clubs near Times Square you should visit. Iridium: This is one place where most of the top artists play. You can check ahead online to see when your favorite jazz musicians and singers will be at the joint. Cover charge ranges from a 10-dollar minimum to 40 dollars depending on the artist or artists playing. The décor leaves a bit to be desired but the music is beyond top notch. This jazz club has really carved out a niche even within its own genre. Set times are at 8 and 10pm so get there a bit earlier and relax before your favorite shows. Distance from Times Square is a short taxi ride or a decent walk. Birdland: This is one of the hottest jazz spots in the city and named for Charlie Parker. In its 3rd location now, it's one of the easiest spots to reach as it near most of the Times Square hotels and within easy walking distance. You can catch great artists 7 days a week and has one of the best overall menus in the area. Check the website to see what artists are performing and when. Jazz at Lincoln Center: 3 venues in one location make this a great spot to catch artists if you have the money as each venue has cover charges and bar minimums. Make reservations well in advance as most of the very top artists regularly play the venues. Check the website for set times and artist info. Jazz at Lincoln Center is a short trip from your Times Square hotel.