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Best New York City Zoos To Visit

Best New York City ZoosDuring your NYC vacation, there is so much to see and do that it is quite easy to simply throw away the itinerary and try to see as much as possible. While it is quite fun to see the many attractions New York has to offer, one thing you should consider is visiting one of the many zoos the boroughs have to offer. While NYC has several zoos within an hour or two from your Times Square hotel, most locals will tell you that the two worth visiting are the Central Park and Bronx Zoos. While the Central Park Zoo is the smaller of the two, it is the quickest to visit and already in a location you will probably be spending much of your time in anyway. Since it is located in Central Park, it is mere minutes from Times Square and easily within walking distance. You can visit with a wide variety of animals including polar bears, snow leopards, and beautiful emerald tree boas. With around 150 species in total, it packs quite a bit of wildlife into a small area. If you decide to visit the Bronx Zoo, bring a lunch and plenty of time as it is one of the largest zoos in North America. While you can take the subway or the city buses, it is important to note that you can pay a little extra and take the dedicated bus to the Bronx Zoo directly and it leaves daily from locations near your Times Square hotel. While the 650 different species of animals are impressive enough; many of the exhibits are interactive and fun for all ages. You can even get a glimpse of dinosaurs in action thanks to the dinosaur safari. This zoo will require a whole day to see and do everything this grand location has to offer so if you plan to see it; mark a whole afternoon and evening for this one.