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Best NY Pizza In Times Square

Best NY Pizza in Times SquareThere is no food that New York City is more famous for than its world-class pizza. Some of the best pizza places in the city can be found in Times Square. New Yorkers are serious about their pizza and they know to go to certain shops to get the best.   Best New York Pizza is the name of one of these Times Square restaurants. They use fresh and delicious ingredients and prepare the pizzas according to old family recipes. They use a brick oven to bake each pizza, which is expertly hand tossed. Customers rave about the quality of the pizza and it has become a very popular spot for locals to dine at. John's Pizzeria is another place where you can get some of the best pizza NYC has to offer. They are known for their thin crust pizza baked in a coal-fired brick oven, which helps give it a flavor that no pizza lover can resist. As a healthy alternative to regular dough, John's Pizzeria also serves pizzas made with wheat dough. They also make an excellent Hawaiian Pizza, Margarita Pizza and the Pizza Bianca, which comes without tomato sauce. In addition, they serve a Marinara Pizza that comes without cheese. They offer many delicious toppings on their pizza, such as Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Broccoli Rabe and Breaded Eggplant. Patzeria's Perfect Pizza is also an excellent place to dine in Times Square. Some of the pizzas they serve include Grandma Pizza, Neopolitan Pizza and Lasagna Pizza. This is a popular dining choice among New York City residents. If you are traveling to New York and want easy access to these pizza places, be sure to stay at one of the Times Square hotels so you are near all these delicious choices.