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Best Places In NYC To Spot Celebrities

Spot Celebrities in NYCNYC is full of celebrities who need to eat, shop and have fun just like the rest of us. Native New Yorkers can tell you where the best places are to spot celebrities. Where you will find celebrities depends on which ones you are looking to spot. In general, younger celebrities hang out at the Marquee Bar in the neighborhood of Chelsea. This bar's twinkly lights often lead celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Michael Phelps to the dance floor. Another hot spot for celebrity sightings in NYC is The Rose Bar. This cozy candlelit bar often attracts celebrities such as Mary Kate & Ashley Olson, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick. If you want to get a taste of authentic NYC show, make it a point to hang out in Broadway. Celebrities often do Broadway plays and can be seen leaving the various theaters after a performance. In general, celebrities performing on Broadway don't leave the theatre until about a half hour after the performance is over. For celebrities who really want to let their hair down and party, The Boom Boom Room is the place to be. This downtown nightclub is frequented by celebrities such as Kanye West and Madonna. Celebrities are attracted to this club, in part, for its floor-to-ceiling glass walls that offer a beautiful view of the Hudson River. When celebrities want to engage in some serious shopping you can find them at Barney's Department Store. The Madison Avenue location is the place where celebrities like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham shop. If you want to spot celebrities while visiting NYC, do yourself a favor and stay in one of the many hotels located throughout Times Square. These hotels let you stay close to all the city's celebrity sightings.