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Best Small Restaurants In And Around Times Square

Best Times Square RestaurantsWhen staying in one of the many Times Square hotels, you might want to stick around the local area when looking for places to eat. With such a large area, it is easy for visitors to get lost looking for the notable dining opportunities in the city. What you should do when visiting NYC is find one of the many local eateries that locals go to instead of the many tourist traps that often overcharge and yet do not deliver anything special. That's quite a shame since NYC is known for world class food and the widest variety of dining found anywhere in the US if not the whole world. Here are a few of the local favorites: One of the most popular neighborhood restaurants in Times Square is Edison's Café. NYC has long been known for world class deli eating and this one is by far no exception. Although less well-known than the Carnegie Deli, locals say that the Matzo Ball soup is just as good if not better. Eating here won't take a chuck out of your wallet either as most of the classic deli sandwiches and dishes are very reasonably priced. NYC is known for serving residents and tourists the widest variety of world cuisine. For those maybe looking to try some sushi or other great Japanese inspired dishes, you can check out Kodama and check out the Canadian spring roll with fresh salmon and spicy greens. The lunch specials are very well priced to suit even those on a budget. Although these are just a very few of local Times Square favorites, you can find many more simply by asking many of the locals where they like to eat. Who knows what interesting places you might find while staying in Times Square?