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Best Sports Bars Around Times Square

Best Sports Bars  In Times SquareThere are many bars in and around Times Square and a large number of them are sports bars. Locals often gather at these bars after a tough day at work or to check out the big game. Beer Authority is a popular sports bar located in Times Square. There are dozens of beers on tap at this bar, making it a great choice for people who are sick of the standard beers that all bars offer. The Beer Authority boasts an all-day menu that means from opening to closing people can get some great food to enjoy along with a cold beer. This is a great way to hang out and watch a game on any one of the bar's big screen TVs. Standings is a NYC pub that is very popular among sports fans. The pub has a sports theme to it that makes watching games even more exciting. A chalkboard on the wall of the pub even lists all the most recent team standings in professional sports. With eight flat screen TVs and many delicious beers, sports fans flock from all over the city to watch a game here. Packers and Jets fans can often be found in this bar cheering on their beloved teams. Many college alumni groups also gather at Standings to watch a game. The Bleecker Heights Tavern is another popular sports bar in NYC. Though this bar is hard to find, it is worth hunting for. With six big screen TVs and more than a dozen beers on tap it is the perfect place to watch a game. Anyone traveling to NYC that wants to check out these sports bars should stay in a Times Square hotel. This puts tourists close to the hottest sports bars in town.