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Best Spots To Watch The New York Marathon

Best spots to watch NYC marathonThe New York City Marathon is one that many residents come out in droves to watch. Tourists also travel to New York City to watch the marathon. What tourists need to know before setting out is where the best spots are to watch the marathon from. There are several good gathering spots for people to watch the marathon and according to the city's MTA, one of the best places to watch it is starting at the first few miles of the marathon in Brooklyn. From here to the 21 mile mark of the marathon, which is in the Bronx, are some of the best spots to be in. When marathon participants hit the five mile mark they find many people gathered there to watch, as this is also one of the best spots. The five mile mark of the New York Marathon is located in Sunset Park at 43rd Street and Fourth Avenue. By the time participants get to mile 25 of the marathon they are at the corner of Central Park South and 59th Street. Since this is getting close to the ending location of the marathon it is also a great spot to watch from. Some other great spots to watch the marathon from include mile eight, which can be found on Brooklyn's Fourth Avenue, the area between 60th and 85th streets in Manhattan and Central Park East where miles 23 and 24 of the marathon bring participants from 86th Street and Lexington to 77th Street and Lexington. Anyone headed to NYC to watch the New York Marathon should stay in one of the many hotels located throughout Times Square. These hotels are a great place to stay because they are very welcoming and Times Square is the perfect location.