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Best Times Square Outdoor Restaurants

Best Times Square Outdoor RestaurantsThere are many delicious restaurants located throughout Times Square. If you are looking for the best Times Square outdoor restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating, you do have a few choices. One of those choices is the Casa Bella Ristorante. The Casa Bella Ristorante has offered outdoor seating since the 1980s. The outdoor seating section is its own little cafe. This section holds up to 80 people at once and is open from May through October. Patrons of the restaurant love its colorful tables adorned with umbrellas. There is always music and singing to be heard in the outdoor cafe. There are several menus offered, including pre-fix and dinner specials. Barbetta is another restaurant with outdoor seating. This restaurant is considered a NYC landmark. There is no restaurant anywhere in the city that is considered to have better outdoor seating than this establishment. Couples can even rent the outdoor seating for their wedding by making special arrangements with the restaurant. Every summer New Yorkers clamor to get a table in the restaurant's garden on a warm summer night. There have been many movies and TV shows filmed at this famous restaurant. Aureole NY is a glamorous restaurant in Times Square that boasts outdoor seating. There are many dining options offered to restaurant patrons. This elegant restaurant is visited by NYC residents who want the best in gourmet dining and know they will get it from Aureole. If you are planning to visit NYC and want to be close to these restaurants, you should get a hotel room in one of the many high quality hotels located in Times Square. Staying in these hotels will put you close enough to these restaurants that you will easily be able to dine at all of them if you wish to do so during your vacation.