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Best Vegetarian Dining Near Times Square

Times Square Vegetarian RestaurantsEveryone loves NYC for many reasons. Whether it's shopping, attractions, the city itself and especially the fine dining, many tourists want to experience all of these things. While vegetarians often have a hard time finding good restaurants that cater to them in their hometowns, NYC has quite a good selection of vegetarian eateries and nearly every restaurant overall has a decent selection of vegetarian dishes. While you can eat nearly anywhere in the boroughs and find a good meal, there are a few Times Square vegetarian restaurants you should check out near your Times Square hotel. Zen Palate: One of the better-known restaurants of its kind, this locale serves all vegetarian dishes with Asian flair. With so many great tasting inspirations to choose from, even your non-vegetarian friends will find the food here great. Located just a few blocks from Times Square, you can easily walk to this one but you may want to take a cab back to the hotel since the dishes are quite filling. Try the eggplant and tofu if you want a real treat. Hangawi: As their philosophy states: It's an experience for the mind, body, and soul. They are certainly correct about that fact as this restaurant has vegetarian dishes of all types and even gluten-free cuisine. The dishes can be described as exceptional by any standard and they even have seasonal dishes you may have never seen before. The place is upper class by any standard and a popular eatery for anyone visiting Times Square. This one is about 12-15 blocks away so take a cab if you don't want to walk While nearly every restaurant near Times Square has several vegetarian dishes, the focus on these two is due to the completely vegetarian cuisine that is suitable even in families where all are not vegetarian.