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Buying From Street Vendors During Your NYC Visit

New York

new york city street vendor You have probably heard stories of people buying stolen or fake items from a street vendor in NYC. While some of these stories were meant to scare people out of buying from street vendors, only a handful of stories are actually true. While buying from street vendors isn't always recommended, you can find a number of really great buys during your Times Square stay by checking out the street side fare. Aside from getting a hot dog which is a must for anyone visiting NYC, you can find great food, wonderful items and some funny stories to tell your friends and family back home. You can find almost anything through NYC street vendors. Just a short walk outside your Times Square hotel can bring you towards many vendors selling food, tourist items, or even a knockoff Prada handbag. You can even check out the many jewelry vendors along the Diamond district that offer fine quality jewelry or even repairs at prices lower than most stores. While shopping along the streets of NYC may seem a little dangerous, the solid police presence takes quite an edge off the whole experience although it's still wise to know your surroundings. You can joke with your friends and family that you went shopping on the streets of NYC during your Times Square visit and managed to survive. NYC is a wonderful place to really experience all of the cultural melting pot that is America. Through the many street vendors one can experience a great amount of exotic foods and fare that are not often found anywhere else, not to mention the must-have hot dog that any Times Square visitor has to enjoy at least once. Although there are unscrupulous individuals at some places, most are there to simply make a little money on the streets of one of the greatest cities in the world.