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Celebrity Restaurants Near Times Square

Celebrity Restaurants near Times SquareMany celebrities of both the culinary world and the entertainment world have opened their own restaurants in or near Times Square. One of those is celebrity chef Thomas Keller's restaurant, Per Se. This French restaurant is decorated in a style inspired by French Laundry urban interpretations. One of the things they are known for is adorning handmade pasta dishes with white truffles. The Per Se teams of pastry chefs take inspiration from the fall season in creating desserts such as toffee apple, which is part of the Chef's Tasting Menu. During the summer months they make it a point to use fresh succotash in some of their dishes. The spring season sees a lot of green peas and fava beans. Another celebrity restaurant in NYC is Lupa, which is owned by Mario Batali. The restaurant is in Greenwich Village and opened in 1999. Batali co-owns the restaurant with three others. Lupa's menu of liquor and wine is well known among New Yorkers. There are more than 400 Italian wines to choose from. Each dish on the menu is a classic Italian dish that people can't get enough of. Former Iron Chef contestant Marco Canora has a restaurant named Hearth in the East Village. The food served at this restaurant reflects Canora's Italian heritage. Every weekend the restaurant serves a brunch between 11am and 2:30pm. For those who enjoy the family style meals that Italians take pride in, the Hearth runs a Round Table Feast. Aside from the quality of their food, Hearth is also well known for the hospitality they provide to each person that dines in their restaurant. All of these restaurants are worth visiting during a trip to NYC. Visitors should always make it a point to stay in a Times Square hotel.