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Experience "Where's Waldo?" During Your NYC Vacation

NYC Wheres WaldoOne of the more interesting events in NYC's cultural landscape is "Where's Waldo?". This event is great for the whole family; it highlights the museums, beaches and other cultural highlights of the city and each day gives you new insight into each area or event that Waldo may be visiting, many of which are within short distance of your Times Square hotel. While the event itself covers the entire city and hundreds of individual locations, you can find out more by visiting and clicking on the Waldo link to learn more. By checking out the Waldo page, you can also take advantage of special discounts and offers as well as the exclusive Waldo pass which lets you skip lines at many of the top destinations. You can also get tips on special Waldo scavenger hunts that take you around the city touring many of the cultural landmarks and museums. You can also use the events and tour guide to plan your Times Square vacation around visiting the places of your choice. All you need to do is check out to plan your Where's Waldo adventure. While NYC offers vacationers the very best dining, shopping and events that the world has to offer, the Where's Waldo adventures are something not to be missed if you have children. It not only highlights the diverse culture of the city but also the rich history and attractions the city offers. Whether you simply choose to visit some of the places individually or take some of the Waldo themed adventures or even decide to get a Waldo pass and skip lines and get great souvenirs to the most popular places, this is one adventure you will talk about for many years to come. Take a look online at the Where's Waldo page and take a step outside your Times Square hotel and into a fun filled trip you will be glad you didn't miss out on