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Famous Movies Filmed In Times Square New York City

Movies Filmed In NYCNYC has always been an icon of both television and film. From the earliest movies like King Kong, classics like The Seven Year Itch, Breakfast at Tiffany's and A Miracle on 34th St to the newest blockbusters like Captain America, almost every part of NYC has been featured in a movie of some sort. For this segment, we'll focus on movies with prominent scenes filmed in Times Square so you can get a chance to see the same scenes just outside your hotel. You can watch many of these films ahead of time then walk outside your Times Square hotel and see the same scenes. For this selection we'll go with more recent films. 1969- Midnight Cowboy: This Dustin Hoffman/Jon Voight film has many of its opening scenes set in the gritty background of the Times Square lights including one of the most famous lines heard often in Ney York City while crossing a street. See if you can figure out which one it is and maybe even repeat it during your Times Square visit. 1980- Fame: This dance infused movie with one of its most famous dance scenes set completely in Times Square with dancers on top of cars and all around the famous intersection. While the movie was based on the New York High School of performing arts nearby, the movie was not shot inside the location. Easily reachable by foot from your Times Square hotel are both the dance scene and the church opposite the famous school which was used for the exterior shots of the school in the movie. 2000- Vanilla Sky: One of the most iconic moments of this Tom Cruise classic is the scene where he walks the empty streets of Times Square wondering why he is alone in the city. Although you will never get the same experience he did since Times Square is one of the busiest places in NYC, you can still walk the same streets during your Times Square stay.