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Labor Day Weekend in NYC

Labor Day Weekend in NYC

NYC is one of the best places for end of summer fun and with so much going on in the city; it's easy to get quite lost. While nearly every borough is having wonderful street celebrations, there are a few things that both tourists and locals alike flock to during these last days of summer. Here is just a sample of what you could do this Labor Day weekend while staying in Times Square.

Yankees Baseball: Nothing quite says summer like a game of America's pastime. The Bronx Bombers will be at home for a set with the Orioles as well as the White Sox. Derek Jeter should be back in the lineup so this would be a great opportunity for locals and tourists. Time from your Times Square hotel is about 40 minutes via subway, which is the best way to go on this trip.

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit: This annual arts exhibit features local as well as international artists showcasing their work during these last days of summer. While you can either go shopping or simply see the greatest artists or our time, this is one street festival you cannot miss for any reason. No matter what your tastes are or whether or not you like art, nobody will leave this festival without appreciation for the works of NYC's top talents. The trip from Times Square is mere minutes even by foot.

The Beaches: Labor Day weekend is the last you will see of NYC's beaches until next year as they traditionally close after the holiday weekend. This is when many tourists and locals hit the scene for a few last days of fun in the surf and sand. With over 14 miles of scenic beaches to choose from, you can easily find your place in the sun just a short trip from your Times Square hotel.