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New York City Haunted Houses

New York City Haunted HousesThere are many New York City haunted houses that are great to visit during the Halloween season and this is why so many people choose to visit Times Square in October. There are many events taking place in Times Square this October that are worth traveling to NYC for. Since October is the month of Halloween many people who visit Times Square choose to visit some of the sites where ghosts have reportedly been spotted. The Jumel Mansion is said to be inhabited by the ghost of Eliza Jumel, who lived there with her husband. After his unexpected death, Jumel went on to marry husband #2. When that marriage ended in divorce Jumel was left alone in the house to die. The Merchant's House is now a museum, but was previously the home of Gertrude Tredwell, who lived alone and died alone. Ever since, her ghost is said to have haunted the house. This NYC museum is also a National Historic Landmark and is known as "Manhattan's Most Haunted House." The Belasco Theatre is also said to be haunted by ghosts. The rumor is that the man who built the theatre, which was built in 1907, never wanted to leave it even after his death. His ghost has been seen on stage, sitting in the audience and riding the elevator, all the while accompanied by his companion, whom he calls the Blue Lady. The James Brown House holds NYC's Ear Inn, which is a bar popular among locals. After a sailor was killed outside the bar it is said to be haunted by the sailor's ghost who lurks inside the James Brown House as well as outside it. To be close to these haunted places, visitors are urged to stay in a Times Square hotel for their convenience and closeness to everything in the city.