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New York City Subway Safety Tips

NYC Subway Safety Tips

Riding on the New York City Subway can be a dangerous thing to do, especially if you are not a native New Yorker. Here are some NYC subway safety tips for how to safely ride the subway during your visit to the city.


  • Always be aware of your surroundings when you are riding on a subway car, especially if you are riding it alone. Try to ride it with a friend whenever you can. If you have to ride the subway alone, pay attention to what is going on around you. Pick pocketing is a huge problem all over New York City, but especially on the subways. Make sure your purse, your wallet and anything else valuable you have on you is kept out of view as much as possible.
  • Try to avoid making prolonged eye contact with those in your subway car. It is not unheard of for fights to break out on the subway if someone doesn't like the way you are looking at them.
  • Be aware that, especially late at night and on weekends and holidays, people ride the subway when they are high, intoxicated or both. Avoid interacting with anyone who appears to be compromised in this way.
  • Do not move between subway cars unless you are instructed to do so due to an emergency situation. If you are caught doing this you can be fined by transit and/or New York City Police. Even if you don't get caught, it is a dangerous thing to do and could lead to your serious injury or even death.
  • Do not attempt to light a cigarette on the subway, even if it is only an electronic cigarette. Doing so can also subject you to fines in the event you get caught.

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