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New York City Summertime Fashion

New York Summertime FashionWhile NYC has been known as the home of fashion, residents will tell you that the most important thing to remember while in NYC is to dress for the weather and activity. During your summer stay in Times Square, you might notice that you are doing an extraordinary amount of walking and even though you may have summer wear already, here are a few NYC summer fashions guaranteed to both impress and keep you cool in the summer heat.   For men, you cannot go wrong with a short sleeve button up shirt and a good pair of Khaki shorts. The NYC heat can be brutal and the concrete and steel of the city often make it a little worse. As you can see, this outfit offers great air flow and looks professional and casual at the same time. While you can find great shopping during your Times Square visit, you may have something like this sitting in your closet already. New York City Mens Wear For ladies there is nothing that says summertime quite like a good sun dress. These dresses offer excellent coverage while keeping cool in the summer sun. Couple a dress like this with a good pair of sandals and sunglasses and you will be ready for the summer sun and a fair amount of activity. You can find the best NYC summer fashions at the many great clothing boutiques just outside your Times Square hotel and a vacation is always the perfect excuse to do a little shopping. New York Summer Dresses While staying in Times Square during the summer, you should always dress for both the heat and activity. Some visitors to NYC note that they walk more during their vacation here than at any other time. While the above suggestions are simply that, you should always take a good look at how locals dress for the season to get a good idea of what to wear although good walking shoes and an umbrella are always good ideas.