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NYC Fashion Week


Fashionable Foray

You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that, come September, New York Fashion Week kicks off a heady social swirl that includes fashion shows and brings the world's A-list designers to the breezy tents at Lincoln Center. Scheduled September 4 – 11, you can expect special events, affairs and assorted other occasions for celebrating New York's most glamorous industry. (Yes, there's more to it than a forecast of Spring 2015 fashion; Fashion Week pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy.) Whether you have a front row seat to the catwalk or simply can't score a ticket to one of the 500+ shows, just being in New York City during Fashion Week puts a little spring in our step. After all, there's a parade of fashion right outside our Midtown Manhattan hotel doors.

Address: Lincoln Center and other venues