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NYC October Festivals

NYC October FestivalsThere are many festivals thrown in NYC in October. They are spread out throughout the city's five boroughs. The 2013 New York Honk Festival will be held from October 15th to the 29th. This event involves music from all over the world. Many local and national artists are set to appear at this festival. There are many performances included in this festival, some of which are free and some of which are not. The festival is held in order to help preserve percussion and brass music. The festival starts with a processional in Brooklyn and travels to Littlefield. At that time several different bands will take turns performing. On the 18th of October there is an evening gala presented as part of the festival. This gala kicks off with a parade through the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus which travels to its destination of the Gowanus Ballroom. This is followed by more live musical performances. On weekdays concerts are held at certain NYC schools. In the middle of the festival an afternoon show for kids is presented at the Children's Museum of the Arts. The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space is the site of a symposium discussing the street band scene. The Long Island Oyster Festival will be held on the weekend of October 19th and 20th. This is the largest festival taking place at a waterfront anywhere on the East Coast. This festival features live entertainment, rides, pirate shows and a contest that involves shucking and eating Oysters. The festival's food court serves clams, oysters and other sea foods as well. Traditional festival food is also served. There is no admission charge for this event. Those traveling to NYC to attend either of these festivals often choose to stay in one of the many Times Square hotels.