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Plan The Best Weekend In New York City

Weekend in New York CityTo plan an exciting weekend in New York City, you need to know what attractions you should visit to get the most out of your weekend. There are so many fun things to do that you may have a hard time narrowing it down. What you will do and where you will go in New York City entirely depends on your interests. If you are a theatre buff, look into getting tickets for a Broadway or Off Broadway show. Your best bet is to go online and purchase show tickets before you get to New York City. If you are already there and you decide on a whim that you want to take in a Broadway show, go to Times Square, where everyday thousands of people line up to take in one of the wonderful Broadway shows. If you love to eat and shop you will want to stay in Times Square. There are countless restaurants and department stores that you can enjoy. The Toys-R-Us in Times Square even has a full sized Ferris wheel, so if you have kids, you will definitely want to check this out. Those who prefer a more intellectual experience should visit the city's many museums, all of which offer great thing to see. If you are a bookworm, be sure to go to Union Square and check out Strands, the biggest used bookstore in the United States. Union Square also contains a multi level Barnes & Noble that boasts three Starbucks locations within the store. There are also many bars and restaurants in Union Square. You should also check out landmarks such as the Empire State Building and The Statue Of Liberty. The view from the Observation Deck at the Empire State Building is stunning. Visiting these places and other attractions will help you have the best weekend in New York City.