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Plan Your Father's Day In Times Square

Father's Day In Times SquarePlanning your Father's Day celebration in Times Square is easy to do because there are so many things to do in Times Square. You can take your dad to a nice restaurant, an exciting bar or to other attractions in the area. If your dad cannot resist a good steak dinner, you could take him to the Benjamin Steakhouse. They often run Father's Day specials that will allow you to treat your dad to a great dinner without hurting your wallet too much. If your dad likes sushi, a great place to take him is to Inakaya, which is offering a five-course meal prepared especially for Father's Day. For the dad who cannot get enough of Italian food, the perfect restaurant for Father's Day is Patsy's. A special menu will be offered to mark the occasion and every dad who eaten there loves their homemade tomato sauce. In the event you are looking for a less traditional way to celebrate Father's Day, consider taking your dad on one of the many walking tours often offered throughout Times Square. These tours vary, but you can always take an architecture and art tour if your dad is interested in these kinds of things. If your father likes to shop, there are many interesting stores to check out in Times Square. If he likes sports and video games, take him to Dave & Buster's, which is an arcade type place where you can also dine and drink. There are famous stores and restaurants located in Times Square so no matter what your dad's interests are, there will be something for him to enjoy in Times Square. There is no lack of exciting things for you and your dad to do in Times Square.