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Questions to Ask When Booking a Manhattan Hotel Room

Hotel Mela If you want to get the very best Manhattan hotel for your hard earned dollar, you need to ask a few questions. Although you might feel a bit uncomfortable doing so, you will be more likely to get just what you're looking for- maximizing your trip to the Big Apple. Here are our top three picks of questions to ask when booking a cheap hotel room in Midtown Manhattan. What is your most popular room, and why? The most popular room in a hotel is not always the most expensive. In Manhattan you'll find many modern hotels housed in older buildings so room size and amenities aren't always the same. The hotel agent will know what the best room for your price range is; use their insider info to land the room of your dreams. What views do your rooms offer? Don't be shy- ask for a room with a view you'll enjoy. Otherwise, you might spend your stay glaring at the wall of a neighboring building. Sometimes, rooms with preferred views cost a bit more- other times they don't. It never hurts to request a room that offers a favorable view, just be sure to tell the agent if you're willing to pay more for it. May I have a room on the bottom/top floor? If you're staying in New York City, you might want to ask for a room on a floor that offers a peek at the city lights. On the other hand, you might prefer a room on a lower floor if you have kids, or don't want the hassle of waiting for an elevator. Have you heard of Hotel Mela? It's located in Midtown Manhattan and close to Broadway, Times Square, and loads of shopping. It's also a cheap hotel that offers a handful of perfectly priced package deals.