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Safety Tips For Walking Around NYC

Safety Tips For Walking In NYCNYC is one of the largest cities in the world and it can be quite easy to get lost even from one street to the next as well as possibly get hurt in a maze of traffic. While common sense should prevail here, many new visitors to Times Square often get caught up in the city and don't take care when walking around the city. Here are a few safety tips for walking around NYC. Use your GPS: This is one of the most important things since it's easy to get turned around and forget where you are. Nearly every smartphone has a built in GPS system and using apps such as Google maps can easily get you from one location to another without getting lost which is the last thing you want in NYC since the city itself is huge. Pay attention to traffic: In the movies, it seems like traffic never moves in Times Square. In reality, the exact opposite is often true and it is quite easy to end up being hit by a car. Stay with the flow of foot traffic and pay close attention to your children if you have them. This way everyone gets around the city as safely as possible. Stick to the streets: Do not venture into alleyways or other shortcuts to your destination. Not only is this an easy way to get lost, it is also an easy way to find yourself in a bad situation. Every city has crime and nobody wants you to become a statistic. Stick to the streets and you will easily make it from one location to another in Times Square or any other part of NYC as safely as possible which is exactly how it should be.