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The Most Romantic Spots Around Times Square

Romantic Spots Around Times SquareTimes Square is well known for being one of the best date locations as well as one of the perfect places to propose to that special someone. There are a few places though that stands out in both film and romantic lore as the most romantic spots in or around Times Square. The Empire State Building: This one stands out as a romantic spot but mainly only the observation deck, which has been featured in several movies and is one of the most popular places for marriage proposals as well as memorable dates and anniversaries. This prime location is a mere few minutes from your Times Square hotel but do make reservations ahead of time and avoid the holiday dates such as Valentine's Day Central Park: Nothing's better to loosen the mood and calm nerves before a proposal than a walk around Central Park. There are so many locations within the park to make memories that last a lifetime as well as set the stage for the best marriage proposal she'll ever hear. Fall settings are best for this location as the changing leaves provide the perfect backdrop for a picture perfect moment and being within short walking distance from Times Square makes it an easy trip. Times Square: Standing in the middle of Times Square and delivering a great kiss is the trademark of a romantic evening and one of those iconic moments witnessed only in film. What woman wouldn't want to be kissed surrounded by all of the lights and sounds of the city? A marriage proposal here would be among the bravest moments of anyone's life as there would literally be hundreds of witnesses to her reply. Whether yes or no, this is one of the most romantic spots in the world to pop the question. Make your reservation today!