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The Most Unique Foods Around Times Square

Unique Foods around Times SquareThe diversity of the restaurants in Times Square mean that there are unique foods served there that New Yorker’s don’t see elsewhere. One of those is Szechuan Gourmet’s Ma Po bean curd. This dish includes cubes covered in sauce made from ground pork, Sichuan peppercorns and fermented beans. Truly hard core New Yorker’s ask for this dish with extra spice added to it. Scottish restaurant St. Andrews serves a dish called cock-a-leekie as well as Haggis. While cock-a-leekie is simply soup made with chicken and leeks, Haggis consists of organs and oats that are stuffed into the stomach of a sheep. Margon is a Cuban restaurant in Times Square that serves Octopus salad. The salad includes green olives soaked in oil, cilantro, onions, rice and beans as well as Octopus meat. Virgil’s Real Barbecue restaurant serves a smoked lamb sandwich on rye bread. For an even more unusual food, New Yorkers can head to Times Square restaurant Sapporo to get an order of their Katsudon. This is a dish that consists of a fried cutlet of pork, cooked in a mixture of eggs and onions with sweet sauce and is served over a bowl of rice. Many Japanese travelers who are craving the kind of food they grew up on travel to Sapporo to order this dish. All of these unique foods add to the excitement of visiting Times Square. Visitors can dine on a different type of cuisine every day and may never have to have the same cuisine twice if they don’t want to. To take full advantage of these unique foods around Times Square, visitors to New York City should be sure to book one of the hotel accommodations found throughout the Times Square areas, as these are some of the best.