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The Statue Of Liberty Tour Is A Must When Visiting NYC

Statue of Liberty TourWhen visiting NYC for the first time or at any time, you are often surrounded by so much to see and do that you often forget about one of the most important American landmarks known as the Statue of Liberty. Her iconic gaze has greeted many a visitor or future resident since her dedication in 1886 and many generations have seen her as a symbol of American freedom and welcoming all who desire the American dream. Not only should taking the Statue of Liberty tour be among the list of things to see and do, it should be at the top of that list. Taking the Statue of Liberty tour gives you a glimpse at one of France’s finest sculptures combined with classic American metalworking. Since she was a gift to us from France as a token of our collaboration during the revolutionary war, she represents everything that is best in American values of liberty, hard work, and justice. Whether you go up to the crown or even get a rare chance to go up to the torch, you will get a view of New York that few have ever seen. Since so many visitors often forget to take the Statue of Liberty tour, why not be one of the few that decides to visit one of America’s finest landmarks. You will not only get the view and experience of a lifetime, you will get the chance to take some pretty nice pictures to show your friends and family back home. So instead of spending another day wandering around taking in the many sights of NYC, why not make the decision of a lifetime and take a tour of the Statue of Liberty and really give those back home a reason to be jealous. For accommodations in New York City visit Hotel Mela a Times Square Hotel.