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Tips For Taking A Taxi In Manhattan

Manhattan Taxi TipsHailing a taxi in Manhattan can be very hard at times and impossible at other times. Here are some tips for riding a taxi in Manhattan. There are far more people in Manhattan than taxis. This means strangers often ending up sharing a cab. This can be a good idea as long as all parties involved are in agreement. Generally, cabbies will only take strangers at the same time if they are going to locations close to each other. Anyone sharing a taxi with someone they don’t know should be sure that person pays their share of the taxi fare, so one person does not get stuck with the fare for themselves and their passenger. Many visitors to NYC often don’t realize that as long as their destination is somewhere in the five boroughs of NYC, cabbies cannot refuse to transport them. Taxi drivers love to take advantage of tourists because they assume they will get away with it. When getting into a taxicab in Manhattan, a person should always have an idea of how to get to wherever they are going. If the taxi driver goes in the wrong direction or goes unnecessarily out of his way, the passenger will know to say something. If you’re not familiar with the area you can always take out your smart phone and use the GPS map to ensure you’re not taken for a ride.  Many tourists have ended up paying cab fares that are higher than they should be. Taxi drivers in Manhattan are required to present safe conditions to passengers. Any passenger in a Manhattan taxi that sees the driver on their phone while they are driving can ask that they end their phone call and they must comply. Cab drivers are not allowed to talk on the phone while driving. Tipping a taxi driver is optional and should not be thought of as necessary. These are things to keep in mind when riding in a Manhattan taxi.