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Tips To Plan An Affordable Times Square Weekend

Affordable Times Square WeekendWhen most people visit NYC, they easily get overwhelmed by the simple fact that there is often so much to see, do, and buy that he or she will way overextend their vacation budget. While this is great for the businesses, restaurants, and attractions of NYC, it isn't so great for your wallet. Here are a few tips on how to plan a great Times Square weekend that doesn't break the bank. Always plan ahead: Just like you wouldn't buy plane tickets or reserve your Times Square hotel room at the last minute, you should always buy tickets to attractions well ahead of time. Shows and ballgames are sold out and good seats at the last minute cost much more. Many of the more popular shows get sold out months ahead of time so if Broadway is your thing, you should get tickets as far as six months before showtime. The same rule applies to catching the Yankees vs the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Spend a day at Central Park: This is by far one of the most popular destinations and within short distance from Times Square. Aside from the zoo, which actually doesn't cost very much, most of everything at this destination is free and the only costs would be for a hot dog and a soda. Learn from locals: Although NYC has many great restaurants and many are easily within walking distance from Times Square, the cost of food can really break a budget if you aren't careful. Many locals know well how to live on a budget and will tell you where they eat if you simply ask; you can always ask the Times Square hotel concierge. This way you can find great food and support local businesses without killing your wallet. Asking locals will also give you great tips on great local events as well such as street fairs and other events.