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Visit Central Park During Your Times Square Vacation

Visit Central ParkWhen visiting NYC, there is one thing that you should definitely do above all else and that would be to visit Central Park. With so much to offer both individuals and families alike, one could easily spend all day in this beautiful locale. With Central Park such a short distance away from your Times Square hotel, you can either take a taxi or even walk to this gem of NYC. Whether you decide to enjoy the many playgrounds or simply do a little fishing at Harlem Meer, Central Park has fun for the whole family. For those who simply want to do a little hiking, there are more trails than a person could walk in several days. If you like visiting statues, you can check out some of the world famous statues of Alexander Hamilton, Alice in Wonderland, or the several war memorial statues dedicated to the American Civil War. You could also see how your chess game compares to the several players who take up residence in the park every day. Since there are so many people in Central Park every day, who knows who you may run into. During your stay in Times Square, you will have so much that you want to see and do. Visiting Central Park should be at the very top of your itinerary as it is not only one of the very top tourist attractions in the country; it is the visit of a lifetime. Taking time to spend at least one whole day during your NYC visit will bring you not only a day of fun and relaxation but also a lifetime of good memories. With the park being such a short trip from your Times Square hotel, there’s no reason not to visit this NYC landmark during your vacation. You’ll certainly be glad you did.