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Visit Chelsea Piers During Times Square Visit

Visit Chelsea Piers During Times Square VisitNYC has always been known for its passion for sports. With sports teams of every type, there is never a shortage of action. NYC residents also love to take part in sports activity and some of the best sports complexes can be found quite near your Times Square hotel at Chelsea Piers. Located in the west side of Manhattan, this landmark houses skating rinks, golfing, and sports of all types. No matter what you like to do to keep in shape, you will find it here. You can visit the Skyrink where you can either take part in open skating or catch some of the adult amateur hockey leagues who frequently play here. They also host summer skating schools for all ages and even youth hockey, which can be quite fun and funny to watch. You can get schedules for open skating as well as league action at You can also visit the Golf Club, which is among the most famous of all driving ranges in the world. This facility offers on and off site instruction for all ages not to mention a great experience for golfers of any experience level. With Chelsea Piers being so close to Times Square, you can even bring your own clubs with you. For all other sports, the Field House is where it is. Basketball, Batting cages, soccer, and many other sports can be played at this upscale location. World-Class instructors even provide classes of all ages in gymnastics, rock climbing, and many more activities. Check the schedule for availability of open sports so you do not make any needless trips from Times Square. Chelsea Piers hosts sports and gym activities for families and individuals of all ages and fitness levels as well as spa and salon facilities for the relaxation in between sports. With this location being so close to Times Square, it would be a shame to miss the fun.