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Visit Rockefeller Center During Your NYC Visit

Rockefeller CenterRockefeller center is one of the most popular attractions during any season in NYC. Whether you love the shopping and dining opportunities or simply want to skate on one of the most famous outdoor rinks in the world, this complex of 22 buildings is just a few short blocks from your Times Square hotel and can easily be reached on foot. With so much to offer during your visit, you should spend at least a day enjoying the iconic scenes and who knows who you may see. Rockefeller Center is home to several great television shows and you can get tickets to many of your favorites such as “Saturday Night Live” or even catch a glimpse of the many other shows filmed at the famous NBC studios. You can also get tickets to either the Rockefeller Center tour or the observation deck via the website at or even get tours of the NBC studios via This way you can plan your visit long before you arrive at your Times Square hotel. You can even check out all of the many shops and restaurants and make reservations if you like. There’s no limit to what Rockefeller Center has to offer and one could easily spend weeks just enjoying it. While enjoying your Times Square visit, there’s so much to see and do that it is quite easy to get overwhelmed or forget a place or two. Add a visit to Rockefeller Center part of your itinerary and spend a day enjoying the many sights, tours, dining and shopping attractions of Rockefeller Center. Who knows what you’ll get to see or who? One thing is certain; a visit to the iconic Rockefeller center is one that will make a lifetime of quality memories and a must during your Times Square visit.