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Visit The Discovery Times Square Museum

Visit Discovery Times SquareNYC has some of the most interactive and prestigious museums in the nation. No matter what type of museum you like, there's no shortage in or around Times Square. One of the best and most interactive museums in NYC is the Discovery Times Square. Located in Times Square and a short walk from your hotel, people of all ages will have a blast with the amazing exhibits. Your work could even end up on display and we'll tell you how. The art of the brick: This insanely interactive exhibit features the one toy that no man, woman or child can resist: Lego's. You can have a blast creating whatever your mind has inside and you may even be displayed for everyone else to see. This is the perfect chance for kids of every age to show off what they only once created in their bedrooms. Shipwreck! : Have you ever wanted to see the underwater treasure left behind by the shipwrecks of the pirate days? This exhibit shows off millions of dollars in treasure recovered from the ocean floor as well as the vast amount of technology required to find and extract the sunken glory of hundreds of years ago. You can relive in video the famous battles between ocean pirates and the navies that pursued them as well as get a glimpse into the history of the period. Even though you'll only be a few minutes from your Times Square hotel, you'll feel a world away. Body Worlds: Pulse: This exhibit is not for the squeamish, as you will see the wonders of the human body through plastination, which takes the human cadavers from willing body donors and creates art through anatomy. You'll see muscle, connective tissue and bones and how they look when we move. You'll never think of your own body the same way ever again. While the exhibit isn't recommended for younger children, it's a great one for the grownups. On the way back to Times Square, you'll see the people on the street differently. You can learn more about these exhibits and the other exhibits they offer by visiting the Discovery Times Square website: Here