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Visit Times Square In The Fall

Visit Times Square In the fallNYC is a city that always strives to look it's very best year round. At times, however, it seems that nature does the job simply on its own and at no other time will you see the very best of Times Square than in the fall. In fact, from August to November is the season in which NYC gets its best weather, the Yankees typically make the post season, and football season kicks off for the Giants and the Jets. Visiting Times square in the fall gives you so much more to enjoy than in the tourist filled summer months when it is much hotter. When you visit Times Square in the fall, you have to see the leaves changing color in Central Park. Not only is this a magnificent sight to behold, the calmness of the park in Autumn makes any evening more magical. You can also catch a Broadway play much easier during the fall as the tourists have left for the most part, even though you should still buy tickets well in advance to avoid the occasional sellout. No matter what you want to do or have on your itinerary, the fall makes it just a little quieter. As far as the weather goes, dress for warm yet mild days and cooler nights so make sure you have a light coat in case the evening air gets a little chilly. During the summer months, Times Square gets quite hectic with activity from tourists and kids being out of school and enjoying their break. Why not visit in the fall and avoid all of that, especially if you don't have children yourself. Times Square in the fall is exactly what it should be which is more relaxed, cooler, and even the locals seem to have a much better attitude; even if the Yankees or Mets didn't make the postseason.