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Visiting The NY Aquarium

Visiting the ny aquariumDuring any stay in Times Square, a planned visit to the NY Aquarium should be on anyone's list. Fun for all ages and housing many attractions not seen anywhere else, it is one of the premier centerpieces of NYC and it's many attractions. Located in Brooklyn right next to Coney Island, this aquarium boats all types of sea life and many other attractions for everyone to enjoy. While this attraction take a little while to get to from your Times Square hotel by either bus or subway, it is definitely worth the trip. You can check out Conservation Hall, which showcases the life of a coral reef and also gives insight into how these reefs are being destroyed around the world and how you can help aid the cause. You can also see the Sea Lion Celebration, which gives a good laugh to children of all ages as you get to see them perform wonderful tricks and funny antics. You can also get a glimpse of sea lions, otters, and much more in a habitat similar to their natural California coastline in the Sea Cliffs. You can also see the black footed penguins as well as the many other wonderful sea creatures. You can also see a great deal of aquatic life of all types ranging from exotic fish to sharks. You can get to this great destination by taking the 45 minute drive or 1 hour by subway or bus from Times Square but be sure to make lunch plans as this one is an all-day adventure. You can get tickets or preview attraction via the website at While you can visit this attraction either by itself or as part of a trip to Brooklyn to check out other attractions, the trip is definitely worth the time. Make sure that visiting the NY Aquarium is a part of your Times Square vacation to make memories for a long time.