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Visiting The World Famous Diamond District Of NYC

Visit NYC Jewelry DistrictIf world class shopping is your taste, you cannot beat NYC for having everything a person could desire. The diamond district of NYC is known for having only the very best in jewelry. Located on 47th St between 4th and 5th Avenues, this famous district is where 90% of diamonds entering the US come through and with so many dealers and jewelers to choose from, you can easily find anything you want. Only a few minutes from Times Square, this jewelry center is easy to reach from your hotel and whether you choose the big name jewelers or one of the hundreds of smaller vendors located in the diamond district, what you get will only be the very best for your money. A good idea before arriving at your Times Square hotel or even leaving your home would be to gain a bit of knowledge on jewelry terms and diamond grading. This way you have a bit of a head start on those who may not know the many different terms the jewelers will use while you are shopping. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing a little about it and jewelry should be the same way. You should also bring any jewelry you need repaired or even something you would like appraised as you will be standing and speaking with some of the top jewelers in the country. A visit to the jewelry district during your Times Square vacation is the visit of a lifetime. Whether you are looking to purchase diamonds or jewelry, have repairs done, or even just browsing the finest gems and settings you will ever see; there’s no doubting you will love the visit. Make the diamond district part of your NYC vacation and make your vacation sparkle with memories.