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Watch A Yankees Game During Times Square Visit

Watch A Yankees Game during Times Square visitA summertime trip to New York City and Times Square isn’t complete until you have watched a Yankee’s home game. If you can get tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium (located in the Bronx), you will be in for an amazing experience, regardless of the game’s outcome. However, if Yankee tickets are a bit out of your budget, or the game taking place while you are in the city is already sold out, you can catch the game at one of the many restaurants or bars located throughout Times Square.

Restaurants in Times Square that often show Yankees games include Ruby Tuesday and T.G. I. Friday’s. There are also a handful of sports bars in Times Square where you can catch any Yankees game, such as the Beer Authority. Chock full of TVs showing every type of sports game that airs, Beer Authority is a popular gathering spot for fans of the Yankees and other NY sports teams.

Tonic Bar is another popular sports bar in Times Square where it is easy and fun to watch Yankees games from. With good food and excellent drinks, Tonic Bar is the perfect gathering spot for Yankees fans or anyone who wants to feel like one.

If you are looking for an upscale experience, the various hotels in Times Square include impressive bars where you can relax and enjoy a game without the noise typically found in a sports bar during a Yankee’s game. This is even more convenient if you are staying in one of the many high quality hotels found in Times Square. These hotels have some of the best reputations among all the hotels in New York City because they are luxurious places to stay during your Times Square visit.