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What Is Trending In NYC Fall 2013

Trending In NYC Fall 2013While trends change in NYC from season to season and even day to day, the fall is upon us and there are a few things, which capture the attention of locals during this time of year. While some events and places require a bit of a drive or subway trip, many great events can be seen within a few minutes’ walk from your Times Square hotel. Here is what is trending in NYC Fall 2013 and that the locals are talking about.

Football: MLB may be America's pastime but the NFL is America's sport. Whether you are talking to Giants or Jets' fans, the talk is all about the questions surrounding this year's teams. The Giants have won a few Super Bowls in the last decade but the team is questionable this year and the Jets are hoping to overcome the stigma of being the debacle of the NFL. With the season kickoff in a few short weeks, the talk is heating up and you might want to even catch a game. The trip from Times Square to Jersey is a little long but well worth the drive for a NFL game. Street Art: With the Washington Square exhibit at the beginning of the month and the DUMBO festival at the end of the month not to mention the various fall exhibits being held in nearly every Manhattan art museum, including 5 new exhibits at the Museum of Sex; the talk around Manhattan centers around art as the world focuses on the region as well. Most of the exhibits and festivals are a few minutes’ walk from Times Square or a short cab ride depending on the destination but nearly all of them are in Manhattan. Why not make this fall the season for your art adventure as you see the works of NYC.

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