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What To Pack When Visiting NYC In The Fall

What To Pack When Visiting NYC In The FallVisiting NYC in the fall can make for a truly beautiful experience. The trees in Central Park are beautiful during the fall season. If you are packing for a fall visit to NYC it is always helpful to pack an umbrella. You never know when there might be a quick shower passing through while you are in the city. Since fall in NYC can be either cool, warm or somewhere in between, pack clothing that is thin and can be worn under or over other clothing. For example, if you pack a cardigan you can put it on over a t-shirt to keep you warm without making you feel overheated. It is also a good idea to pack some scarves that you can wrap around your neck if the wind starts to blow and the air becomes chilly. Anyone who has ever been to NYC knows how much of it is concrete. Since the sun reflects off concrete you should also pack a pair or two of sunglasses for the warmest parts of the day. This will make it easier to view the beautiful sites NYC has to offer in the fall. Public transportation in NYC is always packed, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours. This means you will probably spend a lot of time walking from attraction to attraction so be sure to pack some comfortable pairs of shoes that will keep your feet warm but not sweaty. If you only pack open toed sandals you will probably end up with cold sore feet by the end of a day of sightseeing. A visit to NYC is always enhanced by staying in one of the many hotels located in Times Square. This puts you right in the heart of NYC.